What Kind Of Paint Should You Use For Cabinets

What Kind of Paint to Use on Kitchen Cabinets Of 11 Color

What Kind Of Paint Should You Use For Cabinets

Posted by Brule Ami on Saturday, 15 May, 2021 06:27:43

If redoing your cabinets in white, cream, or a pastel shade, use a primer suitable for light paint, and if going with a dark color, get a primer that won't peek through. Most manufacturers clearly

While there are many types of paint to choose from, the best paint for kitchen cabinets is typically semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Matte is not practical in kitchens and baths where you will need durable paint you can easily clean. No matter the types of paint you choose, you will get the best result by prepping your cabinets beforehand.

Use a wood sanding block to prevent rounding over the wood edges. If your repainting project is just a facelift for the cabinets, you don't need to sand and paint the inside of the cabinets; mask off the interiors with painter's tape for a clean finish and sand only the front surfaces and visible edges of the cabinet face frames.

Both oil-based and acrylic paints come with a semi-gloss option. Choose a fast-drying water-based acrylic for bathroom cabinets. Use a primer paint first, or lightly sand existing paint finishes

The best type of paint to use on bathroom vanity cabinets is semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint comes in both oil-based and water-based acrylic options. While water-based acrylic option is fast drying, oil-based paint tends to be long-lasting.

Don't Go Overboard on Sanding. You should sand cabinets before beginning your how to paint kitchen cabinet project to give the new paint a good surface to grip. But you don't need to sand to bare wood.. If your cabinets have a factory finish, sand lightly with 120-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge.