Solutions for common gardening problems

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Gardens can add great benefit and value to your life. But like any good thing, problems often arise in gardening and it is important to understand the appropriate garden solutions for fixing them. If you go to your local home improvement start, like Home Depot, they have plenty of gardening resources that will help you fix your gardening problems and prevent new ones from emerging.

One common problem is pests. These could be bugs, birds, rabbits or just about any outdoor wildlife that could roam into your garden and start eating the vegetation or dig up the soil. To ward off the animals, you just need to build a wire fence around your garden. However, this still won’t get rid of the bugs. You will need to use pesticide spray on your garden plants to prevent bugs from eating them. This will ensure your plants can grow without being damaged or infested in any way.

Another common problem in gardening is people who overwater their crops. They often mix different kinds of plants together that require different amounts of water. Instead of reading the original labels on the seed packages to find out how much water they need, people tend to just take their garden hose and start erratically spraying their plants. If you do this then you could risk drowning your crops, which will ultimately destroy them. So always check the amount of water you are supposed to give them by reading the labels first.

Along with overwatering, people have a habit of over-fertilizing as well. They tend to want to make their crops grow faster, so they add extra fertilizer to the soil while thinking the excess nutrients will do the trick. Instead it will cause the plants to droop and prevent their produce from growing to maturity. If you find yourself over-fertilizing your plants, the only things you can do are flush out the soil and start over again. Testing the soil for the appropriate amount of nutrients before planting the seeds is the best way to avoid this problem.

Finally, when you first start gardening you should keep your garden small. Experience is the key to creating a successful garden, so you want to give yourself time to make mistakes. Learn about how each plant grows and the space you need to have in between them. For example, raspberry bushes tend to sprout all over the place after you plant them. So if you plant them next to your orange tree then it will cause a major problem for their growth and you will have to start all over again. So make sure you get educated on how plants grow. Once you learn about them, you can expand your garden into something bigger and more beautiful.


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