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    There’s still a great deal of screen clutter to wade through, though. There’s text everywhere and in the beginning it seems like you are being buried alive by information, but it’s obviously something that routine Buy Tera Gold gamers will get accustomed to. Our sole complaint so far as presentation goes would be that all of the menus look rather basic and dull.

    So how does Tera playwith? The MMO bills itself as a genuine action game, and for the most part, it seems to live up to this promise. The system’s fairly fluid, and using a bunch of different player classes to select from, there’s a fantastic amount of variation available.

    Think The Elder Scrolls Online, just a lot more over-the-top, and you’re on the right track. The main point is it’s pretty fun, and we loved letting loose with various strong attacks once we’d unlocked them up.

    But everything beyond battle seems somewhat standard — the kind of quality that you’d possibly expect from a free-to-play MMO. Early quests are throwaway affairs, and the dialogue is instantly forgettable. While we get that lots of individuals simply dive into games such as Tera since they like the mill, it would still be nice if things felt involved.

    On that note, at least personality creation is cool. The machine is not hugely in-depth, but with a range of beautifully constructed races to choose from, it’s easy to make a hero who looks the part. Couple them with sweet appearing weapons and armour, and you have got an MMO which has a good sense of in-game style.

    Overall, we’re eager to provide Tera another shot once the finished release hits the ps4 tera gold Store. The action-based approach certainly gives it an individuality, and there’s possibly a lot of room for customisation. The PS4’s already home to a few free-to-play MMOs, but there is a certain advantage to Tera that will put it near the surface of the heap.

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